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  Billy K. is a professional recording engineer, producer, musician, and songwriter, as well as an active member of BMI from Philadelphia, PA.   Recording & producing music has always been Billy's passion and he is proficient in his ability to create memorable songs. From Hip Hop to Rock, EDM to Pop and beyond, Billy always strives to achieve an amazing listening experience. Utilizing his advanced knowledge of Pro Tools, he is able to capture the sound and feel of every song he works on. Assisting him with his visions, Billy also works with a team of musicians, singers, rappers, and producers who all contribute to great sounding final products. 


A Little History of Billy K:
   Billy has been in love with music since the age of 8 when he started banging on Tupperware containers with wooden spoons to create rhythms to record onto his "tape recorder" (Wow! That's old school). Hearing his talent, Billy's mother bought him his first drum kit and he continued to play everyday. He soon then discovered MTV and fell in love with the guitar. Of course, he decided he enjoyed playing guitar more than drums (and so did his mom). 


   Billy joined his first band at the age of 14 and has been consistently performing since then. At the age of 18, Billy became a full time working musician performing over 200 shows a year with his band THE LOOP. Being a full time musician, Billy was able to concentrate on his songwriting and recording skills. After recording in multiple studios, Billy decided that his goal was to run his own professional recording studio. His collection of equipment has grown over the years and he continues to acquire the tools and skills needed to create awesome sounding recordings. 

  Billy has written songs for artists that have charted in the Top 20 nationally on iTunes. He has done music for commercials, movies, and TV. He continues to collaborate with both Major and Independent Artists, Labels, Producers, Songwriters, Musicians and Engineers. 


   Aside from having performed with a few national acts and traveling across the US with his band, Billy also teaches guitar and recording/mixing techniques to students of all ages and experience. His one on one lessons are designed to help his students achieve their musical goals without the frustration of large class sizes and limited hands-on experience. 




Musician / Producer / Songwriter / Engineer

Billy K. is available for the following:


- Songwriting/ Producing

- Recording / Engineering

- Editing / Mixing / Remixing

- Beat Creation

- Guitar / Piano / Bass / Drum / MIDI Work

- Recording / Mixing Lessons

- Guitar Lessons

- Videography (Shooting / Editing)

- Photography / Promo Pics

- Collaboration

- Artist Promotion / Development

- Website Design

*Package prices available*

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