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Lyric / Music Videos


Below you will find a list of services offered by Billy K. Please call or email to discuss pricing and availability. 

Phone: (215) 704-9766 


Are you a singer, rapper, performer and need assistance writing a memorable song? Do you just want a song written specifically for your style? Do you have lyrics that you think could be a great song? I can help...I write songs and create beats for any genre of music. My specialties are Hip Hop, Pop / Dance, Rock,  but I can also write R&B, Trap, Dubstep, Country, Commercial, Film & TV, and even Heavy Metal! 


**If you have a beat, I can add more instrumentation!


 Beat Making




Do you have an idea for a song but not sure how to arrange it? Do you want to make your song more appealing to a wider audience? Do you want to add different instruments or effects to your songs? A dance remix, perhaps?  No problem. My skills as an engineer and producer can make your songs sound the way they are meant to be heard. Inspiring, exciting, and dynamic are the goals I want for your listeners. I will assist you in your vision to create the best sounding versions of your ideas. From single songs to complete albums, I can produce amazing results that will capture the attention of every listener. 

Remixing / Re-editing


Are you listening back to your recording, wishing it could sound more like the songs you hear on the radio? Do you think the singer should have held a note a bit longer or shorter? Do you want the bass to be in better time with the drums? Now it can. My experience with digital audio can assure you get the results you want. If you need a song remixed to remove muddiness, achieve great instrument separation, or get that singer to not sound so nasally, I can help. Did you hold a note too long or short? Utilizing Elastic Audio, I can fix any timing issues on any instrument or vocal. I also offer effect processing such as delays/reverbs/dynamics on your tracks. Please call or email for pricing. Simple edits to complete remix packages available. 

Pro Recording Studio


Do you want to record a professional sounding demo or album? But does paying $100 an hour for a studio seem crazy? It is..but the answer is here. Musically Speaking Studios in Blackwood, NJ, offers a full service recording experience. With a beautiful private vocal booth and dedicated tracking rooms, we can record everyone from solo artists to full bands. We utilize Pro Tools HDX and high end analog/digital preamps, compressors, EQ’s and plugins. There is a vast selection of guitars, drums, amplifiers, microphones to help you achieve the sound you desire. Great rates, great engineers, and great customer service is what Musically Speaking Studios is all about. Rates only $50 per hour. Call or email for more details. Please visit the website.

Do you want to film a great music video? Or do you just want to put your song up on You Tube even though you don't have a video? Well lyric videos are great for promoting your music. We also can shoot full 1080 HD video and edit using Final Cut Pro X. Get seen, get noticed, get famous, get on YouTube! Start your following! I can design a great looking HD video with pictures, lyrics, animations, clips of video , or even a "making of the song"  video.  Prices start at $150.

Guitar/Piano/Bass   Instrument Tracking

Does your song need some live instrumentation? Do you need a guitar, piano, strings, brass, or even a choir to bring your song to life? Do you want a tasteful guitar solo on your track? I’m here to bring those elements to your recordings. As I mentioned, I have been playing guitar professionally for almost 15 years and can add tasteful/melodic guitar parts or a variety of virtual instruments to your songs. Whether you need an acoustic, classical, 12 string, or electric guitar on your recording, I will make sure to achieve your desired sound. Prices are based on individual needs. Single song and album services are provided. Single songs start at $50.

Artist Promotion  Web Design & Development

Recording / Mixing Lessons

Are you too busy to promote your music? Not sure which internet radio stations to contact? Confused by those “design your own website” places? I have been a professional musician for almost 15 years and have experience in website design, social media networking, and receiving airplay on terrestrial/internet radio stations. My album “A Classic Christmas” is available at Best Buy stores, be heard on Yahoo/AOL/Pandora/Live365 radio, and has sold thousands of copies across the world. I can assist in the long process of getting your music heard by your target audiences and help increase your sales/airplay/YouTube hits. Package pricing available.


Are you having issues getting that “professional” sound from your recordings? Do all the knobs and buttons on your Digital Audio Workstation overwhelm you? Are you confused by bell curves and shelving EQ?  Fear not, I can guide you into a comfortable workflow where you end up with crisp and dynamic recordings. I have been using Pro Tools and other DAW’s for 15 years. I can teach you mixing, EQ, compression, reverb, routing, effects, mic placement, etc. to give you the confidence you need to create an awesome final product ready for CD / iTunes. I teach all styles and genrees. Private Lessons are priced at $50 per hour. 


Have you ever dreamed of being a real Guitar Hero? Maybe you just want to strum some chords at a campfire?  I have been playing guitar professionally for almost 20 years. I am well versed in all styles of music. From fingerpicking to sweeping arpeggios to basic strumming, I can teach you the skills and techniques needed to become an accomplished guitarist. Whether you are a beginner or just looking to improve your skills, I can help you reach your musical goals. Private lessons are priced at $30 for half hour.

Do you wish you could sing? Guess what??? YOU CAN! My partners Steve and Dez Childs are professional vocal instructors and also work out of Musically Speaking Studios in Blackwood, NJ. They can show you the proper techniques and exercises to help overcome the issues that plague most singers. Private lessons are available as well as Steve’s online “Virtual Voice Lessons” which have become a worldwide success. Lessons are reasonably priced at $150 per month. Please visit for more info.

Guitar Lessons

Voice Lessons

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